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Phyt's lymphatic drainage for smooth skin

Against orange peel, lymphatic drainage, why is it so great?

Aesthetic lymphatic drainage, you hear a lot about it, but you don't know exactly what it means? Normal, it's a bit technical… But if you want to “attack” your orange peel skin, take a closer look at this effective aesthetic practice.

Lymphatic drainage, what is it, concretely?

Lymphatic drainage performed in a beauty salon is a “great interior cleansing”… the results of which can be seen on the outside!
Aesthetic lymphatic drainage was created in 1932 by Dr. Émile Vodder and his wife, beautician, naturopath and physiotherapist. These are manual draining maneuvers on the body that promote the "cleansing" of the face and body. It is not a massage (modeling), because we do not massage the muscle mass, but we work on the lymph.
Precisely, the lymph, what is that? you will say to me… The lymph is a transparent or slightly yellow liquid which circulates in the vessels (lymphatic and not blood!), everywhere in the body! Lymph has four important functions in our body:

– role of nutrition by fats;

– role of purification, “detoxification”;

– immune role;

– role of the circulation of proteins in our body.

We have about 2 liters of blood per day which will feed our lymphatic system in order to be purified in the filtering stations which are the lymph nodes. Then, the lymph is cleaned of all impurities (mineral dust, bacteria, viruses, etc.) and returns to the bloodstream.

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What is aesthetic lymphatic drainage used for?

It stimulates the lymphatic and blood systems to improve the condition of the skin of the face and body, especially the Orange peel. Thanks to lymphatic drainage, the skin is given suppleness, elasticity and general relaxation.

phyla's drainage

Aesthetic lymphatic drainage, why does it work on orange peel skin?

As a result of various internal (hormonal, physiological, genetic, etc.) and external (nutrition, stress, etc.) factors, our body changes. Water retention may appear, poor circulation sets in and orange peel skin is born.

Through aesthetic lymphatic drainage, we manually help the lymph to move more easily and promote its role in our body.

Slow and repetitive maneuvers without pressure help clean the interstitial tissue and push the pre-lymph towards the lymphatic system. In addition, stimulating the circulation of the lymph makes it possible to fight cellulite and water retention, in order to strengthen the tissues.

For lymphatic drainage, how do we do it concretely?

Aesthetic lymphatic drainage is practiced without any product, cream or oil, directly on the skin.

We work with the elasticity of the skin, without pressure, by progressive and decreasing spiral circular movements, in the direction of evacuation.

The rhythm is monotonous and regular.

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Against orange peel, lymphatic drainage, why is it so great?
Against orange peel, lymphatic drainage, why is it so great?
Against orange peel, lymphatic drainage, why is it so great?

Against orange peel, lymphatic drainage, why is it so great?

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