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Oily skin prone to acne: focus on Aromaclear's “essentials”

Purity. This is the keyword for Aromaclear, the new range for oily, acne-prone skin from Laboratoires Phyt's. Did you dream of a certified organic range that would remove excess sebum and blemishes? Phyt's Laboratories did it! Teenagers and adults, oily acne-prone skin will soon be just a bad memory thanks to Aromaclear's 100% pure and natural essential oils!

The origins of oily skin…

Dull, shiny complexion, visible pores and tendency to imperfections? We do not say thank you to our overexcited sebaceous glands, responsible for an overproduction of this dear sebum!

However essential, the sebum produced in excessive quantity leads to an imbalance between the water and the fat constituting the hydrolipidic film... and here you are with shiny skin and imperfections. Thin !

If the genetic factor influences the skin type, hormonal imbalance also plays an important role: what woman has never had an unsightly pimple during her period?

Without forgetting the way of life: tobacco, pollution and unbalanced diet do not spare your pretty face.

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The back-to-school rebound effect: the enemy of all skin types

At the start of the school year, another phenomenon occurs, called the “rebound effect”. Its explanation is simple: in summer, the epidermis dries out in the heat and thickens to protect itself from UV rays. But when the daily routine starts again, the skin returns to its usual state and releases the sebum stored during the holidays.

So-called "normal" or "dry" skin can then see a shiny effect on the T zone and some imperfections. In this case, the application of a local anti-spot treatment, such as Phyt's SOS Imperfections, is recommended. Thanks to its cocktail of purifying essential oils, it targets and reduces pimples. Convenient !


oily skin organic cream 

The beauty ritual for oily, acne-prone skin

As for naturally oily skin, here we go again! It is again necessary to adopt a specific beauty ritual:

  1. Cleanse your skin morning and evening with the Purity Cleansing Foam, soap-free and with mild surfactants.
  2. Apply the Matifying Fluid or the Pureté Matifying Cream in the morning to hydrate (yes, oily skin also needs hydration!) and mattify the skin.
  3. Apply the Purity Serum before going to bed, a true concentrate of essential oils that purify the epidermis.
  4. Once or twice a week, apply the Purity Exfoliating Mask, a 2-in-1 treatment that concentrates the benefits of a mask and the effectiveness of an exfoliation. Its amber powder, with its gentle exfoliating action, unclogs the pores, its three clays combined with vegetable charcoal immediately absorb impurities and sebaceous secretions, while its purifying essential oils cleanse the skin.

A beauty routine that will make you benefit from active and natural essences that precisely target the problems of oily skin.

The mud mask is trendy...

To complete your beauty routine and fight against oily skin, do not skimp on the means! Phyt's offers you an adapted care in institute to optimize the effectiveness of your ritual: the Aromaclear Treatment.

The most of this treatment?

Its mud mask with three clays (white, yellow and green), vegetable charcoal and essential oils. It immediately absorbs excess oil, draws out impurities, unclogs pores and reduces the appearance of blemishes. All while you close your eyes in a soft and relaxed atmosphere...


oily skin organic mask 

Oily skin prone to acne: focus on Aromaclear's “essentials”
Oily skin prone to acne: focus on Aromaclear's “essentials”
Oily skin prone to acne: focus on Aromaclear's “essentials”

Oily skin prone to acne: focus on Aromaclear's “essentials”

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