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Top 5 “Beautiful Skin” Foods and Drinks

Beauty is also on the plate! Choosing cosmetics adapted to our skin is essential, but nourishing the beauty from within is just as important. I share with you my 5 favorite "Beautiful skin" drinks and foods… The skin is our interface between the inside and the outside, an ultra-intelligent organ, both fragile like silk and at the same time very resistant. It is the mirror of our emotions, but also of our organic functioning. It tells us by its "expressions" if everything is in order or not... Bright or dull, smooth or tense, with or without pimples, our lifestyle, our diet and our cosmetics have a very strong impact on its quality. Knowing this, why don't we give our skin a champion diet so that it becomes more beautiful every day? Here are the top 5 “ingredients” that are good for our skin on a daily basis:

1 – Pure water for beautiful skin

Natural and precious, is an essential element of life. Drinking water every day, from morning to sunrise until evening, is a well-known recommendation, but not applied enough! However, our skin is protected by a kind of "barrier", called "hydrolipidic film", which is mainly made up of water and sebum. Bringing water very regularly to our body therefore contributes to the good level of hydration of our epidermis. Have you noticed how well hydrated skin is more velvety, smooth, soft and radiant?! It also "ages" less quickly...

Prefer water with a low mineral content (less than 120 mg/L, it is indicated on the label).

2 – Raw carrot juice

Raw carrot juice is an exceptional ally for your skin. When it is made by the minute, it brings a whole procession of nutrients which nourishes the cells and gives a healthy glow, even in winter!
In addition, the carrot tightens the pores of the skin by its draining action of the hepatic tracts.
Result: a brighter complexion and a refined skin texture.
For a gourmet and simple recipe for carrot/apple/pear juice, go to Audrey's blog: healthy cooking.

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3 – Berries, a “Beautiful Skin” food

Blueberry, blackcurrant, aronia, goji, cranberry, elderberry… edible berries are little nuggets containing vitamins, minerals and lots of antioxidants. Their pigments (anthocyanins, from the flavonoid family) help our skin defend itself against free radicals and promote cell renewal. Out of season, don't hesitate to stock up on dried berries and happily slip them into your muesli, your smoothie or just like that, plain, because it's good.

4 – Hemp seeds

Highly appreciated for their pronounced almond or hazelnut taste, hemp seeds (shelled, it's tastier) are also a food of choice for beautiful skin. Indeed, hemp seed is rich in omega-3 whose anti-inflammatory and structural role is known because they are part of the cell membranes of the skin. We also know that omega-3s slow down the production of inflammatory substances that contribute to the breakdown of collagen.

Hemp seeds a good skin food

5 – Fresh pollen for a “Beautiful Skin” diet

In particular cistus pollen, as it is very rich in carotenoids (yellow-orange antioxidant pigments).
A veritable "nutrition bomb", pollen also contains lactic ferments which are good for the intestines, amino acids to renew elastin and collagen, vitamins (B, C and E), minerals and many antioxidants. A true concentrate of life. Take a tablespoon every morning for breakfast, for a beautiful energy and a peach complexion.
You can find cute breakfast recipe ideas using fresh pollen on the blog Cauldron Pastel.

Top 5 “Beautiful Skin” Foods and Drinks
Top 5 “Beautiful Skin” Foods and Drinks
Top 5 “Beautiful Skin” Foods and Drinks

Top 5 “Beautiful Skin” Foods and Drinks

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