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The chemical peel, a unique renovating treatment!

Every month, our epidermis accumulates between 15 and 20 layers of dead cells. With age, this phenomenon increases and can reach 40 layers! An astonishing figure, but which explains why the complexion dulls so quickly… To regain the radiance of your skin and a rejuvenated face, cleaning is essential thanks to a chemical peeling, but organic please!

But what is a chemical peel?

The principle of a chemical peel consists in applying an active principle with chemical action, causing a skin exfoliation which allows the elimination of dead cells, the regeneration of skin cells more quickly and the renewal of damaged and aged epidermis. to achieve younger, brighter skin.

Organic certified chemical peeling: an antinomy?

If the name can be confusing, reassure yourself right away: the certified organic chemical peeling is an absolute reality! Remember your chemistry lessons at school…

All cosmetic industries, organic or conventional, use chemistry: interaction between active ingredients, emulsion balance, extraction, hydrodistillation, etc.

A chemical peel, that's it! Use the interactions between the ingredients and the skin to deeply cleanse the epidermis and rid it of dead cells. Now imagine that these ingredients are of natural origin, from organic farming and meet strict specifications and you get a certified organic chemical peel!

It is therefore quite naturally, on the strength of their expertise, that Phyt's Laboratories unveil the first certified organic chemical peel: Phyt'Skin Rénov.

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A skin renewing program in 3 phases

Phyt'Skin Rénov is a complete care program, reconciling naturalness and effectiveness, based on a treatment concept in beauty salons, coupled with a home preparation, for enhanced effectiveness and quickly visible results.

  • Pre-peel phase: a preparation phase at home 15 days before the professional treatment is essential. It is used to test the skin's tolerance to active ingredients, to condition it to receive care and to prepare the skin surface.
  • Professional peeling phase: the professional treatment consists of 3 key steps: pre-peel, peeling and post-peel.
  • Home post-peel phase: home care after the peel is also essential. It protects the skin while comforting it.

chemical peel skin renovator treatment

The key stages of the Phyt'Skin Rénov treatment in the cabin

Pre-peel phase:

First, the beautician removes make-up from the skin with an exfoliating cleansing milk containing a small percentage of glycolic and lactic acids to prepare the skin. Then, using a lotion, it eliminates the sebum to homogenize the epidermis and obtain a uniform peeling action.

Peel stage:

Then, using a brush, she delicately applies the peeling gel, concentrated at 30% glycolic acid, an organic feat! This then eliminates dead cells to restore radiance to the complexion and reduce skin irregularities (imperfections, spots, fine lines from dehydration, etc.) before being neutralized by a neutral solution (pH close to 7) which gently removes glycolic acid present on the surface of the skin.

Pre-peel phase:

To refresh and soothe the epidermis, the beautician applies a comforting mask, followed by a soothing and protective cream.

We leave the institute relaxed, with smooth and radiant skin, ready for a date or to party!

Phyt's chemical peel does not supplant a weekly exfoliation, but replaces its benefits thanks to its recurrence. It takes place in four sessions which each time activate cell renewal, while eliminating dead skin.

Stimulated several times in a row, the epidermis shows indisputable results: a rejuvenated face, a refined skin texture, a reduction in imperfections and a radiant complexion.

Make an appointment today with a beautician to try the first certified organic chemical peel treatment: Phyt'Skin Rénov.

The chemical peel, a unique renovating treatment!
The chemical peel, a unique renovating treatment!
The chemical peel, a unique renovating treatment!

The chemical peel, a unique renovating treatment!

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