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dry feet care

Anti dry feet ritual

Take advantage of this weather, which is not very clement with open sandals and pumps, to prepare your baby's feet with targeted care! Locked in shoes all day, our feet dry out quickly. And even in the open air, our little toes sometimes suffer from the heat or lack of specific care. This dryness then promotes the appearance of calluses, which are unattractive and sometimes painful. Discover my anti-dry feet ritual to be the most beautiful this summer: from head to toe nails!

A gentle moment to nourish dry feet

Start your ritual with 45 minutes of relaxation in a Phyt's Institute thanks to the "Instant Softness for the Feet" organic treatment. From Californian modeling techniques and shiatsu. It relaxes, nourishes and protects your pretty feet. While the beautician gently massages you, let your mind escape and imagine yourself in your future vacation spot...

Farewell the dry feet ; you go home relaxed, with silky and beautified feet.

dry feet care

A soothing foot bath against dry feet

To prolong the effects of the treatment and relax regularly after an intense day at work, there's nothing like a regenerating bath with lukewarm water and mild soap! You can also add a little lavender essential oil, which has calming and soothing properties.

Grab a book or snap the latest episode of your favorite series while your feet soak for 20 minutes.

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A scrub for dry feet

Take your feet out of the bath and wipe them gently, before carrying out a delicate exfoliation, using the intense freshness exfoliating gel for dry and damaged feet by Gamarde. Massage each of your feet for 5 minutes, emphasizing thick areas, before rinsing them with lukewarm water and drying them completely.

against dry feet: Gamarde exfoliating gel

Rid of dead cells, your feet have a new look, but it's not over yet! Generously apply a nutri-repairing treatment for dry feet, emphasizing the tight areas (the heel, the outside of the big toe, etc.).

Your pampered feet are ready for the coming summer… provided you repeat this ritual every week!

Anti dry feet ritual
Anti dry feet ritual
Anti dry feet ritual

Anti dry feet ritual

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