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beauty lactic acid bacteria

Lactic ferments: true beauty allies

If beauty comes from within, we can say that the impurities that make it less pretty, too… in part! The “quality” of our skin often reflects our internal balance, and in particular that of our intestinal flora… Good news! It is not so difficult to take care of our "microbiota" thanks to the precious lactic ferments, in particular.

“Lactic ferments”: but what is it?

These are bacteria, living micro-organisms that feed on lactose and transform it into lactic acid through a fermentation process. This is what allows milk to become yogurt, cabbage sauerkraut, etc.
Lactic ferments are therefore a set of healthy, useful bacteria, which maintain the life and health of their host: just that!

Real health benefits

Lactic ferments allow, among other things, to keep the intestinal flora in balance in order to ensure its physiological functions (digestion, assimilation of good nutrients for the body such as lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins).

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Where do we find these famous lactic ferments?

Lactic ferments are naturally present in dairy products (yogurt, cheese, butter, kefir, etc.), of course, but not only. Some vegetables like cabbage, carrots, beets, pickles, etc. contain it. It is also found in soy sauces, olives or sourdough bread.
But for them to be effective, they must come out alive from the acid “pocket” represented by the stomach.
In the form of food supplements, lactic ferments will be released in the intestine without undergoing partial destruction by gastric acids.

Lactic ferments: true beauty allies
Lactic ferments: true beauty allies
Lactic ferments: true beauty allies

Lactic ferments: true beauty allies

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