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 hemp oil

Hemp oil, this liquid treasure

>> Notice to dry skin: hemp oil will become your best friend! Hemp oil is still little known in cosmetics even though it is the most nourishing of vegetable oils. Coming from a resistant plant that requires little maintenance and water, its culture is very ecological. Discover 5 good reasons to use it, especially if you have dry skin…

Hemp oil is nourishing

Its ideal omega-3/omega-6 ratio makes it close to that of skin lipids. This dry oil penetrates very quickly and neutralizes the effects of dryness and dehydration. It nourishes dry skin whose protective hydrolipidic film is often weakened. Moreover, the brand of certified organic cosmetics PHYT'S has developed a whole special range for dry skin based onhemp and argan oils: PHYT'SSIMA.

But it has many other virtues as well.

It fights skin redness

More nutritious than other vegetable oils, hemp oil fights against inflammation and redness of the skin as well as skin imperfections such as couperose, rosacea, acne, cold sores or eczema.

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It soothes burning and burning sensations

It regenerates skin burned by the sun or light burns (notice to skiers at the end of the season who have forgotten their protective sun fluid !). Some doctors at the University Hospital of Limoges use it against burns related to radiotherapy.

Hemp oil restores density to tired skin

Firming, it maintains the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. Its richness in antioxidants and the stimulation of microcirculation make it an anti-aging ally.

It helps reduce blackheads

Rich in linoleic fatty acid, it allows the sebaceous glands to produce more fluid sebum which does not clog pores, unlike other oils which do not contain this fatty acid and are comedogenic.



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Hemp oil, this liquid treasure
Hemp oil, this liquid treasure
Hemp oil, this liquid treasure

Hemp oil, this liquid treasure

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