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Apply your mascara well

My pro tips for applying mascara properly

Fans of ultra-sophisticated make-up or, on the contrary, followers of the “nude” trend, we all have in common… the essential mascara that enhances any look! But how to apply it in the rules of the art?

Choose the right mascara

It all starts with choosing your mascara.

It is important to make a diagnosis of the fringe of eyelashes that we have and to know what we want as a result. In my makeup studio, I use and recommend the Phyt's Multi-Effect Mascara, certified organic, because with its wavy brush it allows to deploy the fringe of the eyelashes, whether short or long. The short bristles coat the lashes at the base, while giving them volume, while the long bristles lengthen and separate them.


Phyt's multi-effect mascara

Take the right position, have the right gesture

For a successful sound installation mascara, you have to take a few minutes, stand up in front of the mirror and tilt your head back, so as to release the eyelids and eyelashes from the brow bone.

Above all, do not put your mascara opening and closing your eyes is bad technique.

The gesture must really come from your arm and your wrist, by deploying the eyelashes in the direction of the growth of the hair by a zigzag movement which will avoid the packets of mascara. This will make the application more precise.

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Apply your mascara in three steps for a natural effect

  • We start with the middle lashes with a straight gesture.
  • Then the inner corner of the eye (towards the nose), with a more rounded gesture.
  • And finally, we deploy the eyelashes of the outer corner to open the eyes.

You should always angle your brush according to the movement the eyelash needs to take.

Normally, if you're focused, no eyelashes fluttering at this stage...but maybe a few grimaces.

According to a recent survey conducted by the American site Popsugar, 70% of us open our mouths in an "O" shape to apply our mascara ! It would seem that this mimicry makes it possible to suppress the blinking reflex, thus avoiding putting on mascara on the eyelids

Apply the mascara well

Touch-ups and solutions to prevent smudges and mascara clumping

In case of overflow on the eyelid, let dry the mascara and remove the stain with a cotton swab. Above all, avoid makeup remover, because it will leave a trace and it will then be difficult to rework the eye shadow behind. Normally, a good head tilt and good movement will prevent staining.

In case of glued eyelashes or small packets of mascara, you can catch up with make-up by running an eyelash comb right after application, before the mascara dried.

The application of mascara is an important step that will open up and enhance your look. Take the time you need to integrate these simple gestures into your beauty routine!

My pro tips for applying mascara properly
My pro tips for applying mascara properly
My pro tips for applying mascara properly

My pro tips for applying mascara properly

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