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organic lipstick make up

And if the certified organic lipstick was the it-care of the lips?

In a lifetime, a woman who wears makeup will ingest between 0,5 and 2 kg of lipstick! Figures that make you think when you know what certain tubes can contain. However, you are still hesitant to switch to organic lipstick. Can you imagine dull colors that fade in two kisses? It's time to shake up your received ideas.

Certified organic lipsticks and colors: stop prejudice

For a few years already, natural lipsticks have offered a varied palette of colors ranging from powdery pink to deep red through amber hues.
Pigments such as iron oxides, chromium oxides or ultramarines are mainly of mineral origin. Vibrant colors, but that don't harm your lips or the environment!

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Certified organic lipsticks: sustainable make-up

No more lipsticks that are difficult to spread and lose their shine in two bites.
Thanks to a vegetable butter, the lipsticks of the Phyt's Organic Make up range spread perfectly. This butter, rich in saturated fatty acid, has a melting point close to that of skin. It literally melts upon application. As for the good hold, it is due to the perfect balance between the waxes, butters and oils that make up the lipsticks.

organic lipstick

Certified organic lipstick by Phyt's: real care for the lips

Not only does natural lipstick no longer have anything to envy to its conventional counterparts, but, at Phyt's Laboratories, it also acts as a real care product.
Castor oil helps increase the water content of the skin and keep it soft and smooth. Sunflower and Hazelnut vegetable oils, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, nourish and act against dryness of the lips.
As for beeswax, Carnauba and Candelilla, they have antioxidant and anti-aging properties, while being very nourishing.
Lips adorned and cared for: there is enough to remain speechless, we grant you!

And if the certified organic lipstick was the it-care of the lips?
And if the certified organic lipstick was the it-care of the lips?
And if the certified organic lipstick was the it-care of the lips?

And if the certified organic lipstick was the it-care of the lips?

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