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how to reduce skin blemish naturally

My tips for reducing dark spots on your skin

It's winter, the skin is less exposed to the sun, so it's the perfect time to fight the famous "brown spots" and lack of radiance. For this, we have an innovative (and always natural!) solution: cabin care and the Phyt's White Bio-Active range...

The "Phyt's White Bio-Active" range to restore the skin's original radiance

If you're looking to naturally regain radiance and brighten your dull, pigmented skin, and you don't necessarily want to go through the " grandmother tricks “, read this…

Phyt's Laboratories have created the perfect lightening phytoactive solution. Our little secret lies in the PWE® complex (Phyt's Whitening Extract); an active plant complex based on certified organic natural ingredients: liquorice, bearberry, parsley, carrot, celery, basil, ho wood, wintergreen, acerola and yarrow.

PWE® has been integrated into the formulas of professional products used during cabin treatments and in cosmetic products that can be applied at home, to illuminate the complexion and target pigment spots.

This complex has the effect of slowing down melanogenesis, responsible for pigment spots, while preventing skin aging. The skin is thus unified and regains a luminous appearance.

Who are “Phyt's White Bio-Active” skincare products for?

Over time, repeated sun exposure, hormonal disorders, skin aging or even irritation or inflammation reactions, the skin becomes fragile. The complexion dulls and brown spots appear. Phyt's White Bio-Active products are therefore intended for all those, whatever their skin type and color, who wish to unify, brighten and restore radiance to their complexion. I am thinking of smokers, tobacco dulls the skin and ages it prematurely, or people who are victims of overexposure to the sun.

Furthermore, I am also thinking of pregnant women: after a pregnancy, it is not uncommon to see the unsightly remnants of a "pregnancy mask", these darker spots appearing on the face and neck. In this case too, the Phyt's solution is very suitable.

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The White cabin treatment, ideal for unifying the complexion of pigmented skin

To begin with, I already advise our clients to come during the winter. Indeed, the PWE® complex will reduce the production of melanin, while strong exposure to the sun will increase it…, thus reducing the effects of the treatment.
As with most of our Phyt's treatments, it all starts with a welcome dry massage, draining and relaxing movements, in order to prepare the skin to receive the treatment, followed by make-up removal and deep cleansing of the skin with Lait de Care and Tonic. I then apply the products from the “White Bio-Active” range based on PWE®, starting with the exfoliation which gives a radiance boost to the complexion. Then I lightly massage the brown spots with the Aqueous Concentrate, before doing a Lympho-Energetic massage with the Oily Serum which will allow the features to relax. I continue with the PEEL OFF mask, based on alginate, a powder that is mixed with water and a complex containing PWE, which will coagulate and harden slightly to take on a rubbery appearance. This mask with occlusive effect will allow the serums applied during the previous steps to penetrate deeply. Finally, the session ends with the lightening day cream which protects the epidermis.

White cosmetics: also at home!

The cabin treatment is very complete and has proven its effectiveness. However, it is important to prolong the benefits of this treatment on a daily basis. Indeed, to reduce the production of melanin day after day, all products  contain the same innovative compound as in the salon: the famous PWE. This very complete range (micellar lotion to cleanse the skin, day cream, night cream, exfoliation and mask) will allow you throughout the winter to find a radiant and unified complexion.

For optimal results, of course, I advise you to limit your exposure to the sun and protect yourself from UV rays with sunscreens, as well as exfoliate your skin once a week to promote its regeneration.

My tips for reducing dark spots on your skin
My tips for reducing dark spots on your skin
My tips for reducing dark spots on your skin

My tips for reducing dark spots on your skin

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