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organic skin firming care

Firming skin: myth or race against time?

The firmness of the skin makes you dream. When the first signs of slackening arrive, when the triangle of the face follows the opposite trend, we remember with nostalgia the chubby cheeks of our childhood... But beyond the fantasies, what about sagging skin and is it possible to fix it?

Skin firmness: myth or reality?

Firmness is one of the criteria for youthful skin. It is ensured by the dermis, the skin's mattress, and the fibroblasts, support cells ensuring its coherence and its flexibility, which synthesize the fibers of collagen and elastin.

Young skin has dense, collagen-rich dermal tissue. Young, the skin is firm and toned. The natural process of skin aging is the main cause of loss of skin firmness. Over the years, facial fat shifts and muscles become less and less toned. Natural hydration and cell renewal are more difficult.
At the same time, the cells of the dermis degrade, which results in a drop in the natural production of the elements essential to the firmness and quality of the skin, namely ceramides, collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid. : the skin loses firmness. Less sustained, it sags, it is sagging skin.

But contrary to popular belief, this process does not take place after forty, it is at work from the age of 25!
It's hard to escape it: the biological clock and hormonal changes determine the structural evolution of the skin. However, certain external causes accelerate this phenomenon: diet, lack of sleep or oxidative stress caused by the sun, pollution, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

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Slow down skin slackening to preserve skin firmness

If genetics and time work against us, we can adopt good practices:

– Make sure you are well hydrated every day. This not only involves drinking enough water, but also using dedicated products to locally moisturize the skin. Hydration is the first preventive action against the release of it.

– Eat well and eat a balanced diet, favoring foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants: eggs, green vegetables, avocado, red fruits, nuts, oranges, olive and rapeseed oils… Do not forget to adopt mostly raw or gently cooked to preserve all the nutrients.

– Get enough sleep to give the skin time to regenerate.

– Limit sun exposure.

– Also take the time, as we already recommended here, to massage. With a jade roller or with your bare hands, fiddle, pat, gently touch your face 5 minutes before going to bed, applying a serum or night cream: plumping effect guaranteed!

– And for the most motivated, you have to think about the cold which acts as a tensor: cold water in the morning on the face or practice of derivative baths for more in-depth work, the principle is the same. The cold will allow a better circulation of fluids by lowering the body temperature.

remedy firmness naturally

Cosmetics to the rescue

Because you cannot rely solely on your genetic capital, the use of care specially formulated for this purpose is essential.

Phyt's Laboratories offer an entire range dedicated to preserving the youthfulness of the skin: Aromalliance.
Among all the products on offer, you will particularly appreciate the Multi-Vita Serum, a veritable cocktail of active vitamins with an immediate tightening effect, including Cévéblé® with anti-aging ceramides. Ceramides are lipids naturally present in the skin, allowing in particular to maintain cutaneous cohesion.
As a one-month cure, you apply it morning and evening just before the Absolue cream, with firming anti-wrinkle action, for a maximized firming effect.
To complete your beauty routine, once or twice a week, apply the Firming Anti-Wrinkle Mask whose marine complex offers a lifting-radiance effect from the first use.

Moreover, to ensure that you provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to preserve the youthfulness and beauty of the skin, supplementation can be of great help. Phyt's offers the Anti-Aging Firming food supplement for this purpose, which contributes to the normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal function of the skin and to the protection of cells against oxidative stress thanks to vitamin C.

And finally, if you like to be pampered, head to your nearest partner Phyt's institute for a Multi-Vita treatment : 90 minutes of pure pleasure between exfoliation, anti-wrinkle massage, anti-aging massage with sticks, lympho-energetic massage and application of the Liss & Lift Mask with milk proteins, perfect for skin showing signs of sagging skin.
Efficiency guaranteed!
You are well equipped to defy the laws of gravity!

Firming skin: myth or race against time?
Firming skin: myth or race against time?
Firming skin: myth or race against time?

Firming skin: myth or race against time?

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