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Natural slimming: it's possible and it's effective!

Spring is not very far away and a few beautiful sunny days make us want to take care of ourselves and prepare for sunny days. It's time to embark on a natural slimming care program, following my advice for a top result!

An institute treatment to boost the slimming action

When we talk about slimming, it is above all a question of motivating ourselves by enrolling in a program that encourages us to meet the objectives set.

Starting a slimming cure in an institute allows you to act effectively from the start of the program.

I recommend the certified organic slimming treatment, with which we have very good results. It is advisable to follow 6 to 10 treatments which will promote centimeter loss, but which will also target the orange peel appearance.

I start the session with light strokes and maneuvers to stimulate and trigger the drainage. Then, the use of bamboo makes it possible to target the most difficult areas, especially on the sides, which are thus easier to reach. I work with bamboo to drain better. I continue with manual, active and effective maneuvers to firm up and decongest. At the end of the session, I use a cold gel that stimulates circulation. The treatment ends with the application of Chrono stimulator which allows a destocking action of superficial fats by more gentle and soothing maneuvers.

A daily slimming ritual to prolong the effects

Regaining possession of your body during a slimming treatment means continuing your efforts at home. You have to motivate yourself… but it is the guarantee of a better result.

The slimming scrub

The tonic exfoliant is really great, both for its effectiveness and for its freshness and its smell is also very pleasant. Textures and sensations are very important when using products, especially for slimming treatments. This scrub stimulates and prepares the skin. Its texture and its action have nothing to do with a classic scrub. It tones, stimulates and cleanses at the same time.

I recommend a localized exfoliation once a week, for example on the legs, on Tuesday, and a second session this time on the whole body on the weekend.

A slimming treatment to refine the silhouette

To complete the effects of the scrub, apply caffeine & pepper double action gel on the whole body. Ideally, adopt this ritual morning and evening, for more efficiency, because the body does not eliminate day and night in the same way.

The chrono stimulator to act in a targeted way

Complete the action of the slimming gel by dynamically applying the chrono stimulator morning and evening to the areas you want to emphasize. It will reinforce the action of the first slimming treatment, by acting locally on fatty areas and providing firmness and tone.

Treatments and massages aim for an effective external action, but it is also necessary to act from the inside.

Combine food supplements Emonctyl H and Emonctyl U, to purify and help your body to eliminate. Follow cures of at least 3 weeks and drink plenty of water to feel the effects.

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Natural slimming: it's possible and it's effective!
Natural slimming: it's possible and it's effective!
Natural slimming: it's possible and it's effective!

Natural slimming: it's possible and it's effective!

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