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cold beauty virtues

The virtues of cold in the spotlight

While a few months ago, we prescribed you anti-cold prescriptions to face winter in style, we suggest, with the return of spring temperatures, that we take an interest in the virtues of cold for the skin. No cryotherapy, but a few simple actions to adopt urgently!

The cold shower or the virtues of the cold in everyday life

There is indeed no need to join Wim Hof in the Netherlands to take advantage of the virtues of the cold in the shower. Just finish yours with a jet of cold water. The hot-cold alternation, well known in Scandinavian saunas, will cause the blood and lymphatic vessels to contract. This allows for better circulation. The toxins are evacuated more easily.
You can start by running lukewarm water for a minute or two over your legs. Then increase, very gradually, the duration, the surface and reduce the degrees... Do not exceed 10 minutes: the results are fast, visible. You can stop as soon as your skin turns red.
Contrary to popular belief, opt for this Scottish shower… in the evening! By reducing body temperature, it puts our organs and brain into sleep mode. We are thus ready for a restful sleep.

cosmetics in the fridge

If certain vitamin C-based cosmetics must be kept cool, there are many products that benefit from going through the refrigerator box.

Nothing is more pleasant than a cool mist, a hydrosol, a mask or products for heavy legs. The application of the products becomes a moment of pure sensoriality. The efficiency seems to be increased tenfold. The contours of the eyes will, for their part, see their virtues optimized: the tensor effect is immediate and the cold will also participate in the deflation of the eyes. In addition to the active ingredients specific to each cream, a cream kept cool will allow the pores to tighten and will make the skin smoother.
Without buying a dedicated, not very ecological refrigerator, do not hesitate to keep some of your products in the door of the refrigerator. You can also place them in a tray provided for this purpose on the highest shelf.

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The foot bath: a practice with a thousand virtues

A real grandmother's remedy, the cold foot bath has been wrongly neglected in recent years. It is however a major ally, both to preserve the beauty of the feet and to relieve heavy legs.

virtues cold foot bath

To optimize its benefits, do not hesitate to integrate it into your daily beauty routine. Start with a foot massage with a spiked ball. This essential self-massage tool, easy to slip under the unseen or unseen desk, will relieve muscle tension. It promotes venous return and softens the arch of the foot. According to Chinese plantar reflexology, it stimulates the circulation of energy by stimulating the reflex zones which correspond to our organs.
Then put your legs in the air for 20 minutes by placing them vertically along a wall, arms along your body, possibly with a small cushion at lower back level to adopt the most harmonious posture.
Finish with a cold foot bath in which you add two handfuls of coarse salt or, even better, Epsom salt. Take a dip for 5 min max and presto, there you are with competitive feet!

The virtues of cold at the heart of cosmetic products

In natural cosmetics, it is the essential oil of peppermint that will bring a little chill to your beauty routines.
At Phyt's, it is honored in part of the Phyt'Silhouette range devoted to care for light legs. Cooling mist based on menthol and camphor, Phyto-Fluide Glacial is sprayed from the ankle to the top of the legs during the day. Both on bare legs and on tights or compression stockings. You can combine it morning and evening with Toni-Legs. This is applied in the form of a massage to reduce feelings of discomfort. Freshness and lightness effect guaranteed!

legs virtues cold

Aloe vera, present in Phyt'Sublim Eyes range for example, also provides this feeling of freshness. On a daily basis, the Anti-Fatigue Eye Care, applied just after the Smoothing Serum, acts on the signs of fatigue and stress around the eye area. Once a week, the Refreshing Eye Mask refreshes, relaxes and tones this fragile area.

So don't be afraid and get started!

The virtues of cold in the spotlight
The virtues of cold in the spotlight
The virtues of cold in the spotlight

The virtues of cold in the spotlight

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