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Organic cosmetics from Phyt's

100% natural cosmetics, 0% unwanted ingredients, this is the key!

Are you concerned about your health as much as your beauty? You are probably having trouble finding your way around since the alert launched by the UFC Que Choisir on the undesirable ingredients contained in many cosmetic products... However, there are safe and healthy alternatives to these potentially harmful substances for the body. organization. Discovering them and offering them to you has been the workhorse of the PHYT'S laboratory for 45 years.

Allergens, endocrine disruptors… These undesirable ingredients that are difficult to detect

The UFC Que Choisir recently published a list of potentially toxic cosmetic products for health. The consumer association has studied the composition of thousands of moisturizing and sun creams, shampoos and deodorants, toothpastes and make-up products... And has pointed out the presence, in many of them, of one or more substances known to be harmful to humans and the environment.

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), butylhydroxyanisole (BHA), propylparaben, cyclopentasiloxane… So many barbaric names from which we must remember only one thing: their proven or suspected toxicity for our body. Yet they are found in thousands of cosmetic products, whether entry-level or major brands.

Healthy cosmetic products, 0% chemical synthesis, it's possible!

For 45 years, PHYT'S laboratories have relied on naturalness. The active ingredients and ingredients that make up our beauty and care products are certified as being of 100% natural origin and bear the "Cosmebio" label. ® ". Objective: to preserve human health and our environment.

Contrary to the vast majority of brands, we have taken the side of "0% chemical synthesis" from the start. Better still, our laboratory strives not to "use" the 5% synthetic preservatives authorized by the Cosmebio charter. ® !

Offering you skincare and beauty products that combine efficiency, naturalness and sensoriality is a real challenge. The development of cosmetic formulas free of synthetic preservatives, for example, is indeed complicated…

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PHYT'S has been innovating for 45 years for your beauty and health

Thanks to the unique know-how of our Research & Development department, and in particular to its great mastery of handling essential oils, we have developed ranges of innovative products, which are self-preserving for thirty-six months before opening and three months after opening. For safer and healthier beauty, at home and in beauty salons.

For exemple, the new range of 24-hour moisturizing care creams from PHYT'S does not contain any undesirable ingredients such as cyclopentasiloxane for example. This silicone derivative is an endocrine disruptor interfering with reproductive functions and impacting fauna and flora. Instead of this silicone derivative used to give an immediate (but totally superficial) sensation of hydration, PHYT'S 24-hour moisturizing cream contains sunflower oil and organic aloe vera extract. Two plant-based ingredients that have the power to soften and soften the skin… naturally! Like these emollients, the components of PHYT'S formulas are of natural origin and harmless to the body. To discover with our partner beauticians, if you haven't already. 😉

Phyt's 100% natural moisturizing beauty products


100% natural cosmetics, 0% unwanted ingredients, this is the key!
100% natural cosmetics, 0% unwanted ingredients, this is the key!
100% natural cosmetics, 0% unwanted ingredients, this is the key!

100% natural cosmetics, 0% unwanted ingredients, this is the key!

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